Welcome to our Year 7 Open Day

Governors, Staff and students at Ravens Wood, extend a warm welcome to our prospective Year 7 families, for the academic year 2023/24. Our aim is to ensure that you and your son(s) receive as much information as possible, through the variety of presentations and documents that we have provided as part of our virtual tour of the school.
Our virtual tour information is available for you to view at your leisure, to help you make that all-important decision regarding your son’s educational journey into secondary school.
Our Year 7 Open Morning Event will be held on Saturday 23rd September from 9am to 12.00pm, and the Headteacher will speak at 9.30am and 10.30am. There is no need to book to attend this event.

A warm welcome from members of our Senior Leadership Team to the Ravens Wood School Open D

Explore Ravens Wood


Be inspired by excellence everywhere in our English Department, as Mrs De Frayne, Head of English, invites you to join her in exploring Monstrous and Magical Imaginings and works from some of the finest literary heritage authors.


Our mathematicians learn to incorporate mathematics in the real world, helping them to prepare for life beyond Ravens Wood; our Director of KS4, Miss Franz, will accompany you on a journey to explore some of our maths lessons with key staff.


Mrs Snasdell, Assistant Headteacher, invites you to enjoy scientific awe and wonder, as you enter the world of Science at Ravens Wood; where our students explore topics such as the Big Bang Theory, Aliens & how planet Earth was formed.

Design Technology & STEM

If technology inspires you, programmable technology and robotic Olympics are just some of the exciting Design Technology, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Computer Science topics introduced by Mr Hunt, Assistant Headteacher.

PE & Outdoor Education

Mr Freds, Director of Sport, is proud to share with you an all-inclusive and extensive PE, Enrichment and Outdoor Education offer, available to all students at Ravens Wood. There really is something for everyone!

Creative Arts

Calling all artists, thespians, musicians and photographers – join Mrs Potter Hicks and the Performing Arts Team in exploring vibrant music, inspiring Dance and Drama and Creative Art, Design and Photography.

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Davis welcomes you from our foreign languages department. In Year 7 your son can learn about the cathedral in Cologne, the Berlin Wall and the German parliament buildings. All very famous buildings with an interesting and rich history!

The department also teaches our Year 7 students French. Here we explore the French culture including French cuisine and architecture as well as the delights of the language.


Inspiration in the Humanities curriculum is shared aplenty by Mr Tysall, Head of History; giving you the opportunity to hear about our exciting curriculum of History, Geography, Philosophy Religion and Ethics and our new subject: Oracy & Epics. One not to be missed!

Our Prospectus

Our interactive prospectus can be found below. Alternatively, you can download a copy in PDF format.

Our School aspires to provide each and every student with an exemplary education. We achieve this goal by carefully crafting a student-centred approach where individual needs are matched with a broad, ambitious and exciting curriculum of awe and wonder. The School envisions that when our students graduate, with their personal educational achievements maximised, they are perfectly positioned to seize the opportunities that lie before them.

Here at Ravens Wood, our ethos is embedded in our aims:

  • To develop a Culture which fosters a love of learning and intellectual curiosity within a strong and supportive community.
  • To deliver a rich and varied curriculum which leads to high academic performance and provides our students with the Currency to open doors to the future.
  • To equip students with the tools to develop their individual Character, in an environment which promotes dignity, integrity, self-discipline and self-esteem.

We believe in communicating as effectively as possible with parents/carers, appreciating that your son’s journey with us is very much a team effort.
– Miss M Lester, Headteacher

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Parent and Carer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

or see below

When was the last Ofsted inspection and what was the outcome?2023-09-09T19:28:25+00:00

Our last OFSTED inspection was in June 2023, in which we continue to be a good school. The full OFSTED report will be available on our website here when published.

How many places are there in Year 7?2023-09-09T19:29:42+00:00

The admission number for Year 7 2023/2024 is 224; the School’s Admission Policy can be found on the school’s website – Click here.

How many Form Groups are there?2023-09-09T19:30:32+00:00

There are 8 Form Groups in each year. Where possible, the form group retain the same form tutor throughout their Ravens Wood journey.

What is the catchment area?2023-09-09T19:31:01+00:00

The Local Authority measures the distance from the front door of the home to the school’s front entrance, ‘as the crow flies’. There is no pre-determined catchment area as this is determined by the number of boys that apply for places.

How far out did the offers go this year?2023-09-09T19:31:50+00:00

On National Offer Day, our offers extended to 2.6 miles from the school.

What were the School’s GCSE / A level results this year?2023-09-09T19:32:51+00:00

Our Press Releases from the summer can be seen on the Recent News section of the school website. GCSE and A Level.

How are the Year 7s set?2023-09-09T19:33:53+00:00

For the first term, all classes for all subjects are mixed ability, based upon information received from primary schools. The Year group is split into two halves for timetabling purposes R and W. The following informs streaming in Maths and Science only, which comes into effect after the Christmas holidays: Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), Snapshot assessments, book reviews and performance in class. Further information can be found on the school website here.

How many subjects do Year 7 students study?2022-06-28T09:46:11+00:00

Students study 15 subjects. To view some of the topics we teach Click here.

Which languages do you teach?2023-09-09T19:35:14+00:00

All Year 7 students’ study both French and German. We have a talented team of enthusiastic language teachers, and 75% of our students continue to study a language at GCSE. We also continue to offer both languages at A level.

Is there a reading programme at Ravens Wood?2023-09-09T19:36:29+00:00

We actively encourage reading through our weekly reading lessons in our library for Years 7-8 and our ‘Class Reader’ programme for years 7-10. Our students can also access a virtual library, VLeBooks, enabling them to borrow eBooks and read them on any device. We have a new library with a full-time librarian to support students with their reading, as well as a dedicated team of staff who work with students who need support with their reading, this can be through one-to-one reading, small group reading and specialist lessons. For more information about reading and writing at Ravens Wood – Click here.

Where can I get information concerning Ravens Wood’s provision for SEND students?2023-09-09T19:37:16+00:00

The SEND section of our website details the Pupil Development Department staff and their specialisms.

The SEND information report for the last academic year is also available. If you have further questions concerning our SEND, provision please contact us via the following email address: send@rws.uk.net

How many enrichment activities are available to students?2023-09-09T19:38:10+00:00

We run a broad and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, with around 50 different clubs offered across all different departments beyond lesson time, for more information Click here.

Which sports do you deliver at Ravens Wood?2023-09-09T19:38:42+00:00

In the winter, we run an extensive rugby and football programme, as well as basketball teams.

In the summer, we run an extensive cricket programme and students also participate in tennis and athletics.

How do you deal with incidents of bullying?2023-09-09T19:39:22+00:00

When a member of staff receives information, either directly or indirectly, regarding a bullying incident, this information will be taken very seriously and investigated. We will offer a proactive, sympathetic and supportive response to students who are the victims of bullying. We will respond to incidents of bullying behaviour in a proportionate way. When sanctions are necessary, they will be applied consistently and fairly.

How do you support students’ emotional health and wellbeing?2023-09-09T19:39:56+00:00

At Ravens Wood School, our students’ Personal Development is an integral part of our curriculum. Staff and students work together, to create a School with a culture of safeguarding and this is supported by our extensive PSHE curriculum provision across Year 7 to 11. For more information Click here.

How much homework do students in Year 7 receive?2023-09-09T19:40:56+00:00

At Ravens Wood School, homework is seen as an important aspect of the learning process involving parents, teachers and students in a partnership aimed at raising standards of achievement, and maximising educational opportunity. In Year 7, homework is always set online using Satchel (ShowMyHomework). More information on homework can be found here.

What are the start and end times of the day?2023-09-09T19:41:28+00:00

Our students start their day at 8.30am for Registration with form tutors, and are dismissed at 3.10pm and 3.20pm once a week on their year group assembly day.

What should I do if I have further queries?2021-09-14T09:15:20+00:00

Please get in touch via the following email address: openday@rws.uk.net.

What if i can’t attend the Open Day on Saturday 23rd September 2023?2023-09-18T08:41:09+00:00

Additional Open Morning on Wednesday 27th September

For families who are unable to attend our full Open Morning on Saturday 23rd September only, there are a limited number of appointments available for a short presentation and tour, on Wednesday 27th September.

These can be arranged by appointment only via openday@rws.uk.net on a first come basis, and are limited to two attendees per family. Families are encouraged to attend on the Saturday to get a full tour of the school and to meet our fantastic staff and students. Unfortunately, as we have limited capacity on our weekday Open Morning, once the spaces have been filled we will not be able to accommodate further bookings.

Parents and Carers who receive confirmation of an appointment for 27th September should arrive at the school by 9.30am – the presentation and short tour will be finished by 10.30am at the latest.

Please note that a virtual tour of our school is also available on our Open Day page.

You do not need to book for our Open Morning on Saturday 23rd September, and we look forward to welcoming you to Ravens Wood.


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